Whether you seek to sell your adult oriented bar or nightclub, lease your real estate property, or determine your company’s market value via a business valuation or real estate appraisal, choosing a professional business broker with local expertise is crucial. At Strip Bar Broker you will find a team of seasoned professionals that have first hand knowledge of not only what is currently on the market, but most importantly, which strip bars have recently sold and how much they sold for.

If you are considering selling, merging or expanding, you can benefit from our unparalleled track record, unmatched database of pre-screened buyers, command of ever changing licensing laws and health codes, expertise in liquor license transfers, experience overcoming conditional use permit issues or CUP transfer protests, and most importantly, our strong history and proven track record in valuing / appraising over a 1,000 venues and structuring many of Southern California’s most notable strip bar and nightclub sales.

Contact us to schedule a fully confidential no-cost, no-obligation informal business valuation or property analysis, to get the pulse on market developments, to understand your position in today’s marketplace, to get tips on how to best position yourself for your future plans, or merely to introduce yourself. We will look forward to learning more about you at 866.600.8353 or via email at: info@StripBarBroker.com.

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